Do you see spirits everywhere you go?
I am able to control when and how information comes through to me and do not typically see spirits in my day to day life.  Though it does happen from time to time. 

I feel awkward being around psychics and mediumes.  Do you get private information about people? 
I am able to control my abilities and work only with permission.  Ethically, I believe psychics and mediums should respect the privacy of others.  I don’t have x-ray vision and I’m not reading your mind.  I see this as a simple matter of etiquette…and karma! 

What is the difference between working as a psychic or working as a medium?
The difference is the source of the information.  There are a variety of specific abilities that allow psychics and mediums to work.  A psychic may, for example, be a gifted clairvoyant and have the ability to tell you what they see when they look at your energy.  A medium will have several abilities and will be able to link to those in spirit and relay to you messages they are seeing, hearing or feeling from those in spirit.

Do you work in person or via telephone? 
Readings can be done by phone or in person. 

Does it help to schedule an appointment on a specific date?  
Many people find comfort in having an appointment on a specific date, however, spirit loves you regardless of the date on the calendar. Dates have huge meaning, however, it will not change or guarantee the outcome of the appointment. 

Can you guarantee my loved one will come through?
We have the same control over those in spirit as we did when they were here with us...none.  The work is done with mutual respect and cooperation, and while it is my experience that it helps to invite those we want to communicate with to join us, there is never a guarantee those we want to hear from will show up at a specific time.   

How long should I wait after someone has passed to have a reading?
I find the time depends on the circumstances.  Spirit can and sometimes does come through right away.  In instances of significant personal loss, however, I prefer 3-6 months before an appointment.  In my experience, grief during this time can make this a very emotional experience at a time when people are feeling emotionally vulnerable.  


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